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About Iheoma Books

My Super Life With Autism Written & Illustrated by Jeremiah Iheoma.


Iheoma Books was established by a ten year old boy named Jeremiah Iheoma. Jeremiah is currently in fifth grade; he really enjoys music, art, rhythm and dance. His strengths really seem to shine through in those specific areas. Jeremiah was diagnosed with autism about two years ago. This was not a diagnosis that came as a surprise to his mother as she had suspected it all along. It was difficult to convince the doctors that he was on the spectrum, as they had given him many prior diagnoses, to avoid using the label of "Autism."

Jeremiah does not view his diagnosis of autism as a bad thing. He really wants other kids to know that having autism isn't really the end of the world. He views his diagnosis more like having his very own special, "super power."

In his first book, "My Super Life with Autism," Jeremiah discusses his first hand experience of what its like growing up with Autism Spectrum Disorder. He has even researched and discusses famous people who also have Autism. After reading his book, "My Super Life with Autism," you will surely gain a better understanding of the view of the world through a childs eyes with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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